prints of digital work of art on handmade washi paper

prints for works of art under the “1 of 1” – exclusive ownership program are included. our fine-art prints are made on bizan 300gsm medium white hand made washi paper with deckled edges from the awagami factory in japan, in size A0.

the paper is meticulously crafted – a handmade product that emits a mood of elegance and luxury. this textured sheet has four organic deckled edges and is made one sheet at a time by awagami’s master papermakers. ‘bizan’ is thicker than virtually all other inkjet papers and may be displayed without matting or frame.

artisans at the awagami factory are able to manufacture by hand bespoke sheets of bizan paper and, therefore, upon request, we are able to accommodate prints in custom sizes larger than A0 – up to the height of 1626mm (64”). the width of these prints would be set by the aspect ratio of the photograph. as an example, a 1626mm/64” high sheet in aspect ratio of an A0 – would result in a print size 2,299x1626mm (90.5×64”). these ultra-large bespoke prints are made by tirages exposition in auray, france – world’s best specialists in ultra large format fine art printing.