alpa, a part of me

eru narayana

M: think with your heart, love with your mind
Q: how come my life is full of misery and unhappiness
M: because you did the opposite

this book is dedicated to my alpa camera. alpa, a part of me.

foreword by mr. hans keist, ceo, alpa cameras

La Vita e Bella – In recent years our modern societies around the globe have been challenged by a world that apparently has ever become more uncertain; reasons for being climate change, violent conflicts, pandemic, economic upheaval, migration, dwindling natural resources – just to name a few. For many of us these days have become a wake-up call. At the same time human beings are blessed to spend life in a natural environment of indescribable beauty, shear limitless creativity, and inexhaustible strength and resilience. One may say that photographic art may be a visual depiction of our diverse life on this planet. It truly takes a man’s contemplation, inspiration and passion to create the wonderful art presented in this book. It truly takes a team’s passion and dedication to precision and details thus to create an ALPA camera which played such an essential role in the transformation of the artist’s vision into artistic photos. We, the people who’s passion is to craft ALPA cameras are tremendously grateful and proud to be of humble service to artist Eru Narayana – our ALPA ambassador and friend.  La Vita e Bella – admittedly, life may be challenging at times.Hans Keist, CEO ALPA of Switzerland

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