Eru Narayana

Eru Narayana is a photographic artist who recently completed a 7,000 km solo walk across Canada’s landscapes witnessing the footprint of the anthropocene era on animals and forests of this land. His unique approach blends sight and feeling, fostering a deeper engagement with his subjects. He photographs through the ‘mind’s eye’, embracing the philosophy that “seeing” and “feeling” are interconnected yet distinct faculties. This method goes beyond traditional photography, capturing emotional and spiritual essences.  Eru Narayana adjusts exposure to mirror his feelings, often moving the camera during exposure to express the dynamism of his experiences.  His work, marked by expressive abstractions, invites viewers to a deeper understanding of the relationship between humanity and nature. His photography is not just a visual narrative but a call to mindfulness about our role in and impact on the natural world, urging a reconnection and appreciation for this planet.