stories in photographs

eru narayana

“as a photographer, the creative act i am most concerned with is the ordering of relationships between photographs-as-symbols and things symbolized, in ways which give symbols meaning and credibility.  between the photographer and the viewer symbolism plays a dual role.  for the viewer, photographs-as-symbols are primary for they are what stimulate the senses directly.  the things symbolized are secondary because they are one step removed from the things perceived.  for the photographer, things perceived are primary, photographs-as-symbols are secondary.  things perceived have substantive value upon which the photographs-as-symbols depend.  symbols vary in their qualities from the trivial to the profound.  they have a life-force of their own.  great symbols, whether they are photographic, verbal or mathematical, can influence the lives and beliefs of people for thousands of years.  for example, one need only to refer to the works of the leading philosophers, artists and religious men of ancient cultures and the great scientists of the past three hundred years whose symbols maintain a living quality independent of their own lives and deaths.” –wynn bullock, the photograph as a symbol, the artichoke press, mountain view, ca, 1976

this audiobook is meant to serve as a bridge between the viewer and the photographer. by presenting stories associated with the creation of various photographs the aim is to explain ‘things’ perceived by the artist during the process of creation of the photograph and what the photograph symbolises. -eru narayana, may 2022



chapter one

‘tous les matins du monde’
‘you can go your own way’

‘tous les matins du monde’ and ‘you can go your own way’

collection 1 of 1: anima L1000171
collection 1 of 1: anima L1000237

follow your heart

collection 1 of 1: snarl lupae L1030880
collection 1 of 1: snarl lupae L1040062
collection 1 of 1: snarl lupae L1040059

dirty indian


on sigur rós


perception adjustment bureau


ghostdancers, they be-a-ghostdancing

‘the decisive moment’

sometimes, the ‘decisive moment’ lasts a long time



‘no fear no pain no madness no ugliness no lust no hate no greed no blindness no namelessness’

no fear no pain no madness no ugliness no lust no hate no greed no blindness no namelessness

‘hello earth’

hello earth

‘༄།། བློ་བཟང་མཁའ་ལྡིང།།’

༄།། བློ་བཟང་མཁའ་ལྡིང།།

‘a tribute to william eggleston’

a tribute to william eggleston

‘the argument’

the argument


stadtluft macht frei

‘the spider witch’

the spider witch

‘lose this skin’

lose this skin



collection 1 of 1: verschränkung, gallery: monotheism ii, ‘65536 shades of right and wrong’

monotheism ii

‘he who made the inside, made the outside’

he who made the inside, made the outside

‘all roads begin here, all roads end here’

all roads begin here, all roads end here

‘the chief’

the chief

‘buddha, two aliens’

buddha, two aliens


luke 23:34

‘be not afraid’

be not afraid

all of them


message to marko 23 june 2022


purple label



13:50 25 june 2022

‘the dreamer’

the dreamer and stargate


what ‘this’ is all about






the colour of money

the princess
the princess

of the princess