eru narayana

dedicated to the man in the doorway, 13 december 1982

chapter one: thoughts about things

of energy and communication

of maya, computation and reverence

of prisms, jung and humour

les yeux sans visage and main and higgins

of silver bullets and childhood happiness 

of earnestness and seeing

of animal spirits and what is to be done

the unfolding

chapter two: lessons from movies

on barton fink and pudding

the dream of the holy man and water ceremony

on the truman show and what else is on

on dark city, bodhisattva and statistics

andrei tarkovsky’s the stalker 1979

on brazil, vanilla sky and the last opulent society

on barbarella, oliver stone’s jfk, endios and the calculus of karma

on the legend of bagger vance, ?f??d?t? and cafe monet

on the secret life of walter mitty, charis weston and the making of a photograph

on jodorowski’s dune, LaTeX and dog cookies

on happy gilmore, the perfect espresso and guru pitka

on malcolm x, fractal compression, “treaty 1 territory, the ancestral and traditional homeland…” and a summer afternoon

on gattaca, blueberry hill, 3500 degrees kelvin and catafalque

on being there with peter sellers, and being there

on werner herzog’s cave of forgotten dreams

on anthony shalhoub’s the monk television serial, trudy and trudy’s pillow

chapter three: kihkanakosiw (quite obvious things)

of the ten commandments, occam’s razor and the cosmic mirror

of what is supremely important (and what isn’t), the Chief and the two worlds

the power of ‘shhhh’

advice to my sons

head in the sand

vishnu’s dream

eyes wide shut

the two heads and the capital ‘i’, the 4-dimensional coordinate system and no longer a stranger in no longer a strange land

subtle, like a brick through a cops windshield, the scientific method and john lennon

chapter four: the knower and the field


session 1

session 2

past the gateway and having business being here

on disconnecting news


སྙིང་རྗེ་ཆེན་པོ། at cafe monet

alpa 12swa, alpa apo-helvetar 5.6-43mm lens, phase one iq3 100mp trichromatic digital back in the world of ‘what is’

the leica q2

the three worlds, text message from jeff bezos and guru pitka

alpa 12swa with the rodenstock alpa hr alpagon 90mm lens in the grimm brothers forest

still cutting teeth, but for what

the root of it all

fascination and reverence

my alpa, a part of me

so, so you think you can tell?

games of no chance

the little prince and myriads of gods

why i make photographs

on fear

red gold and green

on recoil

this is indian land (or, how green was the valley of your youth?)

what if the situation is far more serious than we thought

photographs and music

bound by a different covenant (get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’)

main and higgins (what did you do to them?)

government sponsored commissions

why i walk alone

who’s doing this?

chapter five: the sum of all things

the sum of all things, part i

digital is a ruse and extremely dangerous (or, of pipelines and straws)

the day santa died

message to the president of charleswood rotary club regarding assiniboine forest

on rocks

on coffee

avalokitesvara wrathful yamantaka calculus of karma

gone, girl

the way to luminosity of you – fascination, reverence, identification


message from the chief

appendix 1: 8556 kilometres later

message to deidre 05 sept 2021

drive back from whiteshell 05 september 2021

message to geshe gelek 23 sept 2021 regarding my only wish

message to geshe gelek 24 sept

message to geshe gelek part ii 24 sept

message to geshe gelek part iii 24 sept

things just happen

on nirvana and why it will be the most valuable company in the world

message to kirk 27 september 2021

message to deidre during hike to blackcomb

message during hike up blackcomb

on truth and reconciliation day etc message made during hike up to blackcomb

message to deidre from top of blackcomb

the entity and the message – waterfalls recording 03 october

cernunnos and the torc – waterfalls recording 04 october 2021

visions and mother bear

emergent intelligence and hike up

the essence of maya

eilid + damh

the dance of shivaya

on the suffering of belief

anthropocentricity and maya

8,556 kilometres later

the messenger

on photography, the little prince and the ping pong ball

of tolkien’s elves and serious business

ཨོཾ་ཨཱཿ་ཧཱུཾ་བཛྲ་གུ་རུ་པདྨ་སིདྡྷི་ཧཱུཾཿ – a message to stewards of the anthropocene

appendix 2: 8995 kilometres more


the where, the what and the how

damaged children

great expectations

the satya of saudade and valinor transnational park system

lonely doug – type stuff

evening messages

a guide in the cloud

the two sides of eru narayana

the battle for the pharaoh’s soul

you are needed

the boatman

first time out

the litmus test

the world in my eyes

death, destruction, confusion, loneliness

565 km of what is to be done

of corporate values and nick bollettieri tennis academy

there is another world and it is in this one

message to victoria camera club – 21 january 2022

of the two rules in photography

do it quietly


i’m sorry

the end