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dedicated to preserving, restoring, and sharing indigenous delicacies passed down by our elders

drymeat has been a delicacy for first nations, inuit, and metis people since time immemorial. pânsâwân (bahn-sa-wan) translates to “thin sliced meat” from the cree (nehiyâw) language. traditionally, this meat would be dried and smoked for days after a successful hunt, giving it a very savoury, distinct flavour. the resulting dry meat is how our ancestors nourished and replenished themselves during he long, harsh winters. when it comes to flavour, our ancestors know best.

ceremonial organic tobacco

tonkiri integrative wellness and learning centre

certified organic traceable ethiopian (is there any other kind?) green coffee

world’s most colour neutral nd filters.

colour-accurate photo display

producing finest customised luxury transports for over 25 years

to preserve the revolutionary designs and unparalleled quality of early and late modern eyewear

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hand crafted by mati ventrillon

titanium for life

a family business dedicated to the social, cultural, and environmental endeavors of protection and rescue of diminishing fine materials and craft skills

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merino wool performance socks

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