universal declaration of the fundamental rights of children to a happy childhood

Universal Declaration of the Fundamental Rights
of Children to a Happy Childhood

Understanding that humanity is capable of destroying itself, the planet and the planet’s ability to support life.
Recognizing that freedom from traumatic memories and fears about the future constitutes a happy childhood.
Believing that adults who have grown up in happiness will act to protect their own children and the planet in a loving, kind and compassionate manner. 
Affirming that all future human activity shall have maximising childhood happiness as the primary objective.
Declare solemnly that all children have a fundamental right to a happy childhood and in pursuance of this:
Article 1
To the extent that laws are or have been passed which impede on the right to a happy childhood, children are to be fully exempt from such laws. 
Article 2
To the extent any human activities, including activities of a military or commercial nature, are conducted which impede on this right, children are to be fully exempted. Specifically, this includes any armed conflict, occupation or enforcement of any man-made notions such as “citizenship” that affect childhood happiness.
Article 3
To the extent that lawful or unlawful conflicts arise amongst nations or within nations, children are to be fully exempted and protected by the warring parties and by the world-at-large.
Article 4
The objectives and measures described in this declaration shall apply equally to all children, regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity or religion.


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